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Personal development

Advanced courses in self knowledge and inner leadership

What does personal development mean?

Personal development means becoming more aware of yourself and your behaviors, strategies, and characteristics. It is to actively choose which path you want to go. A cornerstone of personal development is increased self-knowledge. When you become aware of yourself, how you work and understand your needs, you can act on them and thus develop.

Working with personal development

Are you afraid of being like your father or mother? The difference between passive personal development and active development is that you make the process conscious and actively direct it in the direction you want. To develop in the right direction, you first need to answer questions like: Who do you want to be? How do you want to be? Can you love all parts of yourself along the way, even the parts you want to change?

Do you follow your own or others' values?

What are your own values and what are others' values? It's important to understand that your first thought of what you want isn't necessarily what you want.

To find your core values, you need to be open and honest with yourself. You need to look at where you're going with the flow even though you may not really want to, what you choose not to do because of your own fears , and what you're doing because it's expected of you. It's time to peel off what others would think and what you've had inculcated since childhood. The constant influx of information and opinions from social media makes it difficult to listen to your own voice. Standing up for yourself is a cornerstone of personal development. That's why it's so important that you get to know yourself. Many people feel lost in today's society precisely because they "just do" and follow the current.

Why should you love yourself and be personal?

An important part of the process is to truly respect and embrace all parts of yourself, even those you don't like. When you see that all your behaviors and strategies have had a survival value and fulfilled a function in your life, you will be kinder to yourself. Now that you're an adult, they don't perform the same function. Only when you make it aware can you choose to do differently and replace old, now destructive behaviors with new and functional ones. That's what is personal development.

It's easier to change something that you've accepted and that you can feel tenderness and respect for than something you despise. Contempt and condemnation are the same as non-understanding. When you try to change something without first realizing why you do what you do, your subconscious mind will try to hold on to the old. Only when you love yourself can you change the thoughts and behavior of yourself that you don't like. With love, you develop your personality. The behavior is there for a reason, even if in the current situation it is more destructive than fulfills its original purpose. Once you understand why you do what you do, you can change from a safe place where you know what you need to do differently to fulfill the function that your behavior or strategy once fulfilled. It will be safe. Course DateWhat does the course cost? 3-Step Course in Personal DevelopmentContact Us

Growth mindset – what is it?

Psychology professor and author Carol Dweck coined the terms "growth and fixed mindset" which in Swedish translates to "dynamic and static mindset". The two concepts differ in the view of intelligence, talent and talent. People with static mindsets believe that a person's talent, intelligence, and talent are innate and impossible to influence. Being personal with a dynamic mindset is often the opposite, i.e. that talent, intelligence and talent are something we can work our way to and increase with effort.

The different ways of thinking differ, among other things, in how we deal with adversity. Research shows that people with a dynamic mindset do better in life because they choose to learn from adversity and see it as proof that they need to work harder. People with a static mindset instead get discouraged and see adversity as proofs that they don't have what it takes. They are more likely to give up. Read more about Growth mindset here. Our mindsets have a big impact on our personal development. Do you see yourself as an ever-growing organism in development, who has the ability to influence and control wherever you want in life? Or do you see yourself as born with a number of characteristics and characteristics that determine what you can and can't do? Do you give up or change direction in case of adversity or are you being tagged to work harder?