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Inner leadership

Kurser i personlig utveckling, självkännedom och inre ledarskap

Inner leadership

Your inner leadership is like your inner compass. When set correctly, it will lead you right. The more you listen to and understand yourself, the more finely calibrated your inner compass becomes and the better your external leadership will be.

By questioning your assumptions, you can actively control your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a conscious and desired way. When you stand firm and are confident in yourself and your choices, it rubs off on people around you. Your surroundings will be safe when you are safe. It is also easier for you to take in other people's opinions in a constructive way when you are safe.

Personal development

A prerequisite for good leadership is to actively work with your personal development. Personal development goes hand in hand with your inner leadership. It's about becoming more aware of yourself and your behaviors, strategies, and characteristics. To actively choose in which direction you want to develop and to acquire tools to make the changes you want to make.

An important part of personal development is to embrace all parts of yourself, even those you don't like. When you get there that you have empathy towards yourself and your shortcomings as well as insight into your values and who you want to be, you can develop strong inner leadership.

How do you steer yourself forward?

What is your driving force going forward? The answer to that question is probably crucial to how much pleasure, creativity and satisfaction you feel in life and everyday life. 

Does your inner critic tell you to do better, that you're never good enough? Once you've passed a challenge, do you put a buck in the book and run on the next ball? Do you have the attitude that you can always do more and that there is no point in celebrating because you are not done? You know what, you'll never be finished. With that kind of inner leadership, there will never be room to celebrate, or to rest. In the long run, you drain yourself, become unmotivated and hindered in your creativity. There's no room to be creative and think freely when you're just focusing on the next goal. Maybe you'll land with a feeling of "what now?"

If you instead lead yourself from a place of desire, inner longing and a conviction that you have something to contribute, you are in touch with your inner values, with trust and creativity. It gives you energy and joy and every challenge you can handle will feel like a win and something to celebrate. You will probably enjoy significantly more along the way and spread a better energy outwards.

How is your external leadership affected by your inner being?

The people you enlist to help to achieve your goals will need to perform the same way you push yourself to perform. If you turn yourself on for your mistakes, you will also hit others for their mistakes. Good internal leadership therefore automatically provides better external leadership and better relationships. When you have patience and understanding of yourself, you have it for others too. With strong inner leadership and a solid foundation to stand on, you get better at dealing with your own and others' fears, stress and irritations.

The energy you have inside you will reflect outwardly, whether you like it or not. To be a good external leader, you need to have strong inner leadership where you know about your values and what governs your behaviors. What makes you feel good? How can you with that knowledge of yourself make others around you feel good?

Leading others

Self-awareness is part of the concept of self-knowledge and forms an important part of internal and external leadership. Once you have insight into what influence you have on others and how your behavior affects people around you, you will also find it easier to understand why people behave the way they do and react in different situations.
Understanding your strengths and limitations and taking responsibility for your mistakes is at least as important on an internal level as it is an external level. It makes both you and the organization you work in effective. Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses makes you trustworthy and trustworthy. An open culture where you do not hide your weaknesses opens up for constant learning. In private life and at work. Both internal and external leadership is about having an understanding of the current situation, having a vision of the desired situation and knowing about what you and your group can do to get there and how you can behave and lead to get you and you to the goal.

Getting to know yourself

Revitalized courses in in-depth self-knowledge and inner leadership give you the opportunity to look deeper at all aspects of yourself. Over the course of a week, you get to bare and feel emotions, values, behaviors, strategies and needs. Who are you and who do you want to be? What do you need to develop? When you get to know yourself better and find your truth, you become a better leader, both for yourself and for others. Come and revitalize on our courses!