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Kurser i personlig utveckling, självkännedom och inre ledarskap

What are you longing for?

Vitalisera offers one of the most profound and in-depth processes in self development and inner growth available in the world today.

The first step

The first step is the core of Vitalisera’s process and focuses on your current life situation. During the week, you will reconnect with yourself and explore your feelings and needs. The course is about meeting yourself, about acceptance, compassion, presence and love. We turn up the volume on everything during the week so that you can meet yourself on a deeper level than you have ever before. With the support of our experienced therapists and course leaders, you get to explore your repressed needs and take a closer look at what prevents you from realising your life and your dreams. At Vitalisera, we use powerful therapeutic techniques that help you get into the body and go beyond your intellect. The course is incredibly staff-intensive so that you feel safe enough to dare to go in depth and meet the most forbidden and inhibiting aspects of your personality. The week is planned in detail and the exercises give you the opportunity to experience and de-dramatise your anger, sadness, despair, panic and death anxiety. You get rid of some of your inner stress and find your way back to your life energy and the meaning of your life.

Some of the themes explored during step 1 are Trust & Security, Inner Childhood, Boundaries, Gratitude, Attachment, Longing, Direction, Life Force

The second step

Step 2 is a continuation of step 1. During our second course, you will get to know your inner child better. You get the opportunity to visit your own upbringing and history, where you process your relationship with your parents, siblings and other important people. You will gain insight into how your childhood and family have affected you and how you can free yourself from patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. Because your upbringing affects you in all aspects of your life and in all other relationships, it is a central part to look at more closely so that you can develop from where you are today.

This work usually leads to a sense of reconciliation that makes it easier for you to understand your own thoughts and behavior patterns. When you are reconciled with your past, you get in touch with your inner strength and can develop into a more independent and loving individual. An additional consequence is that you liberate your inner child and get in touch with the playful and spontaneous part of you who lives in the present. You become a more independent individual who dares to show your feelings and stand up for yourself and your opinions more.

The third step

Whether you are in a love relationship or longing for one, this is the course for you. Step 3 is a deep dive into sexuality, intimacy, communication, boundaries, needs, masculine & feminine and conflict management. Here you get to look at all the nice and nourishing things we long for in a relationship, but also find new ways to solve the stubborn difficulties of the relationship patterns you have. Together, we create a safe environment with trust, boundaries and respect where you get the opportunity to come forward with who you are in the meeting with others. In real close encounters where the zest for life can sprout.

You need to have gone step 1 and step 2 before you go step 3. This is because you grow a lot as a person during and after steps 1 and 2 and it has proved considerably more rewarding to go step 3 after you have completed the first two steps .

Practical information

Self development and inner leadership

Vitalisera’s courses extend over eight nights and seven days. The days are long, intensive and individualised which, together with a staff-intense 24-hour a day support allows you to fully embrace the process. You will be challenged when needed and supported all the way through. You arrive on a Wednesday afternoon where a welcome meeting will be held in the evening with a presentation of all the staff and practical information. On Thursday morning you enter silence and the course starts. The following Thursday, after an evening and morning of integration, it’s time to go back home and integrate the week into your life.


Our courses take place in Båven Country and Lodge located on a small island on the lake Båven, 1,5 hours drive from Stockholm, Sweden.


35 000 SEK including VAT.

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