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Price and payment

Kurser i personlig utveckling, självkännedom och inre ledarskap

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What is the course fee and what are the options for payment? 

The course fee is the same for everyone, but there are several methods of payment including a payment plan. 

Course fee

Course fee is 38 000 SEK incl VAT for private persons. Companies pay 38 000 SEK excl VAT. 


When you have been admitted to a course you pay a registration fee of 3 800 SEK to secure your spot. This fee is a part of the total course fee and will be deducted from the remainder when this is being paid.  


The most common is to pay the registration fee via Swish and the rest of the course fee via an invoice and bank transfer. You can choose to pay all via Swish or invocie and bank transfer. We also offer a payment plan with Resurs Bank. 


Together with Resurs Bank, we offer the opportunity to split the payment and pay at a rate that suits you, either 6 months or 12 months. For example, if you choose to divide the payment into 12 months, you pay a total of SEK 38 663 instead of SEK 38 000. Contact us for more information and what options there are.


For many companies, our courses are deductible and it is not uncommon for the employer to choose to pay for the course for their employees – partly to increase the well-being of the staff but also to achieve better leadership within the company.

Read more about what benefits you or your co-workers can expect to receive in your workplace after taking the course here.


A gross salary deduction is made before the tax is deducted from your salary, and means that the salary is temporarily reduced.

Situations where gross salary deductions may be relevant are when an employee wants to participate in a course that the employer would not normally pay for. If the course fee is deductible in the company, it can be agreed that the company pays the course and makes a gross salary deduction.

In this case, there will be no cost for the company and the employee will receive a significantly lower cost than if he paid with already taxed money.

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