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Our process

Kurser i personlig utveckling, självkännedom och inre ledarskap

Our process

In 1985, Bengt Stern, MD, created a process in deep self development after having traveled the world and researched methods of personal development and the connection between physical and mental health. He combined old proven methods with new scientific discoveries and findings in a process that since have been offered and undergone by thousands of people. The process is continuously being refined and upgraded in line with modern research in the area of mental and physical health to offer the world’s deepest and most qualitative courses in personal development.

People come to our courses for various different reasons and all with a wish to come to know the truth about themselves and a longing for a happier healthier life. Bengt Stern, the founder of the courses, used to say “people dare to go come and meet themselves when their longing has become greater than their fear”.

The process is divided into three separate courses, each one having a theme and following each other. It’s not necessary to do all of them, although many people choose to continue their journey having gone through the first course due to its transformational outcome. Through various different techniques mentioned below, and with the support of our course leader, therapists and assistants, you will be guided through the week-long course and dive deep into subjects like feelings and emotions, needs, your childhood and how it has affected you. This is not a feel-good course, but a tough process that leaves no one unaffected. You will get the opportunity to reclaim parts of yourself that you have lost and find your truth and trust. Many of our participants witness a life before and a life after the courses. Not only will you be able to establish a better connection and loving relationship to yourself but also to others.

The methods used during the courses include Inquiry, Psychodrama / Role play, Body psychotherapy, Dance, Movement, Bioenergetics, Mindfulness, Exercises around birth and death, Meditation, Breathing exercises, Group therapy, Individual sessions, Painting and Experience-based exercises around; boundaries, subconscious, gratitude, birth, inner child, longing for life in us, etc.