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Frequently asked questions

Kurser i personlig utveckling, självkännedom och inre ledarskap

Before the course

Here we have collected frequently asked questions about what happens before the course. Registration, payment, telephone interview, etc.

What is included in the price?

The price quoted is per step. Food and shelter are included, of course. In order to be able to conduct the courses in a quiet environment where you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at yourself, we have chosen to rent a course farm with your own chef exclusively just for our course. Due to a high-intensity and individualized program, you will receive a course that is very staff-dense with course leaders, group leaders and assistants on site. The course is long and extends over eight nights and seven days and there are constantly staff on call.

How do I pay?

There are different options to consider when paying for your course. One way might be, for example, to contact your employer about your longing to take the course and receive financial support from there. Our general terms and conditions of purchase and right of withdrawal can be found here.

We also offer payment plans through Resursbank. Read more about what you can think about when it comes to payment here.

What does it mean to fill out an expression of interest?

You do not commit to anything by completing the expression of interest. After you have completed and submitted the form to us, you will first receive a reply email and a little later an appointment will be booked for a more in-depth conversation with one of us. The purpose of the conversation is that we can form a better picture of your needs and wishes, and that you should be able to ask questions.

When will I receive a confirmation and response from you?

We usually answer with an email or a phone call already the same day or first weekday after registration. Sometimes emails can end up in spam, feel free to check the spam and put us in as contact (info@vitalisera.se).

Can I be discouraged from taking the course?

When registering your interest, we will book a phone call with you. At this conversation, we try to form an idea of your needs, and sometimes we come to the conclusion that it is a completely different type of help that you need right now. Usually, however, this is not the case. You don't have to feel good to be able to take our life course. Many people come to us after some kind of trauma or life crisis or choose to take our course because they feel lost, incapacitate or have a feeling that they are stuck in their life in some way. The reasons for wanting to enter the process we offer are many.

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During the course

What happens and what happens during the course?

How do I stay at Båven Country & Lodge?

Båven Country & Lodge has newly renovated rooms with shower and toilet in the room. The beds are already made when you get here, and it also includes a towel and a bath towel During the course week you will stay in your own single room. This gives you the chance to constantly concentrate on your own processes during the course.

Why should I take the course?

Why someone chooses to take the Revitalized life course is highly individually woolly. Perhaps you have a desire to achieve more meaning in existence, to understand yourself in depth or to find ways to live your life in a way that gives you energy and joy? Maybe you want to understand your own patterns of emotion and behavior better, or find a life where your negative thoughts don't take over and control your feelings? By personally developing, you become a better inner leader for yourself, and thus also a more grounded external leader in your professional life. Taking our course is one of the best investments you can give yourself and that an employer can give their staff.

What does a course day look like?

You will be guided through the week with a confident hand by course leaders and group leaders. You will not need a schedule in advance, but will receive the information you need as the day and week progress. You start your day around 10:00. 7 in the morning and then has a program until late at night. In between, you will have breaks where you will have time for rest, reflection and perhaps a nice walk in nature.

Conversations and exercises take place both in large groups and in smaller groups with the group leaders. There are also opportunities to have individual conversations if necessary.

Is it true that I should be quiet outside the course room?

Yes. Outside the course room, silence is practiced. In this way, you avoid all social demands and can completely go up in yourself and your inner work. You don't have to be responsible for anyone but yourself and have the opportunity to get deeper into your process. In the course room we have exercises, including inquiries and sharing, that require a certain form of oral communication with a focus on your own experiences. During the last 24 hours, we lift the silence. Then there will be an opportunity for participants to talk freely if they want to.

Is it good to take the course with someone I know before?

Of course, that's fine as long as you don't feel your friend's presence is preventing you from focusing on yourself and going deep into your own process. During the course week you participate on your own development journey, but afterwards it can be nice to have someone to share your life-changing insights with.

I am in a love relationship – what do you recommend?

If you live with a partner, we recommend that you take the course at the same time or the courses one after the other, depending on what you are most comfortable with. Revitalization course will be such an important experience in your life, and it is valuable to be able to relate to the other party's experience. For many couples, it can be a strain on the relationship if only one takes the course, as it can become an experience you feel alone in. No matter how you decide to do so, it is important that you talk through your decision and are prepared for the course to feel life-changing for the one who goes.

Is it enough to just take one course or will you encourage me to take more courses?

You can feel completely comfortable just taking a course. For many, it goes a long way and creates a much needed break and opening in life that provides new life energy and sustainable tools to use in everyday life. However, it is also common for a curiosity for a continued inner journey to be aroused after the first course. We will therefore offer a continuation course for those who want to.

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After the course

Follow-up nights, buddies, etc.m. What happens after you take the course?

I've heard that a lot of people make big life changes after they take part in this kind of course- is that right?

Everyone reacts differently after a course. Most people go home with renewed vigour, deeper understanding of themselves and tools that make everyday life easier to manage. It sometimes happens that some people feel that they need to make minor or major changes in their life in order to feel good, but we always recommend waiting for the major life changes for at least six months. In this way, the inner process that you started on the course can land in both yourself and everyday life, and you will have time to really feel what needs you have.

Is there any follow-up after the course?

A few days after the course, you will be contacted by one of our group or course leaders for a follow-up call. In addition to that, you will be paired with one or two of the participants in your course and you will have regular weekly conversations for 3 weeks to have the opportunity to share and listen to someone/some who have gone through the same process as you have. If you feel that you need additional conversations or coaching after the course, we have several group and course leaders linked to Revitalization who have their own practices where you can make an appointment. After completing the course, you will receive a list of these.

We also have plans to have an annual reunion at Båven Country & Lodge, where you can come and feel community.