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About us

Kurser i personlig utveckling, självkännedom och inre ledarskap

Our team

The people below, all contributing to our courses either during the course weeks, behind the scenes or both, are our most important key people. The course leaders, group leaders, doctors and assistants together, form a safe platform for your deep exploration during the course weeks.

Our lovely crew

Cecilia Navik

Course leader

With more than 20 years of experience in leading courses with the aim of understanding life and herself on a deeper level, Cecilia is one of the most experienced course leaders to be found.

Simon Forsman

Course leader

Simon has led courses in deep self-awareness since the 90s. With an outstanding sense of calmness and a 100% presence, he guides the participants in a safe way through the process.

Ola Ek

Group leader

Ola’s sensitivity and calm make him a much appreciated group leader who is confidently spot on when it comes to understanding what it’s all about.

Tapio Kanerva

Group leader

It is easy to feel completely safe in the presence of Tapio. With full presence and fingertip feeling, Tapio guides participants to valuable insights and inner harmony.

Josefina Tengroth

Group leader

Josefina’s life energy is contagious to those around her. She has an intuitive ability to evoke invaluable insights on how to manage relationships, very appreciated by our participants.

Gunnar Elseth

Group leader

With 25 years of experience in healthcare and with an existential perspective, where seeing each person as an individual is important, Gunnar contributes to a sense of presence and stability.

Lena Birath

Group leader

Lena has many years of experience of working with her own and others’ self-awareness focusing on balance and inner growth.

Ralf Engvall

Group leader

With both feet on the ground, Ralf leads the participants to valuable insights and changes. Ralf’s ability to bring out what is hidden, in a safe but challenging way, comes in handy during the courses

Malin Kraft

Communication & Marketing

Malin’s knowledge and experience in education, pedagogical development and supervision helps Vitalisera to live up to the requirements for quality and structure, characteristic for Vitalisera’s work.

Magnus Gidlund

Head of sales

With many years of experience in leading people and selling services, Magnus is a valuable resource for Vitalisera in knowing who would benefit from our courses, personally and in a work environment context.

Robert Kraft

Management and finance

Entrepreneur and business leader with great habit of structuring and running professional businesses.

Linda Stenlund


Linda uses her experience of planning and leading group activities in the work of keeping Vitaliseras constant development in a good flow.