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Advanced courses in self knowledge and inner leadership


Stress is perhaps one of the great health challenges of our time. You are far from alone in being stressed. Are you eaten up by your daily life, by all the demands and must-haves? Do you feel like you're running against a wall? It's time to stop and take back control of your life.

A strengthening mechanism

Basically, stress is a strengthening survival reaction that is activated when you need to fight to survive. Stress hormones are released in your body that give you power and make you extra sharp. This so that you can perform at your very best. There is a distinction between physical and psychological stress. The mental occurs when you feel that the demands on you are too high. The physical is about physical load as in exercise.

Positive and negative stress

When the stress is balanced with recovery, it is positive and strengthening. If you are in balance, for example, you will be stronger and more persistent from exercising. Perhaps you are also one of those who feel that you are working more efficiently under time pressure. As long as you get enough recovery, a certain amount of stress is a positive force. A force that makes you move forward in life.

Stress resistance and recovery

Too much stress and stress that is not balanced with recovery can cause all sorts of symptoms. For example, difficulty sleeping, rashes, headaches, restlessness, anxiety, difficulty making decisions, mood swings, forgetfulness, stomach problems and more. The list can be long. In fact, stress can both induce and imitate many different symptoms and medical conditions. When you come to terms with your stress, your body stops signaling that something is wrong and your symptoms disappear. This means that you give yourself sufficient and regular recovery and that you build up your stress resistance. This is so that stress in the right amount has a positive effect instead of negative.

Take control and create balance

It is not stress itself that is dangerous, but the lack of recovery. Recovery also includes rest from your thoughts. If you go to bed and rest for an hour each day, it won't count as recovery if you try to solve problems or structure the evening's driving schedule during that hour.

With the help of meditation,conscious presence and other techniques, you can find your inner peace. You become more resistant to stress. Understanding yourself and your needs is just as important. It allows you to take control and create balance in life. On our self-knowledge and inner leadership courses, you don't just get a week's much needed break. We give you the opportunity to look inwards and meet yourself for real. After the course, you have both insights and tools with you that help you create an existence where you feel the best.

It is not stress itself that is dangerous, but the lack of recovery.