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Advanced courses in self knowledge and inner leadership

Former course participants tell

Josefina Tengroth
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"My whole life changed. My children usually refer to mom before and after the course. I recommend everyone to take a course at Revitalize!"

Clas Lundhagen
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"If you take the course, you will become more authentic and more in touch with yourself – and it is extremely valuable if you are going to work as a leader and meet other people!"

Sandra Wahlgren
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"I was newly divorced and had had a marriage where we had lost each other and it was quite loveless. The course gave me an insight into what had gone wrong in my marriage and made me realize what I had missed in life."

Sören Larsson
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"I got in touch with myself in depth – with my own soul simply. The course is a unique experience with fantastic group leaders, course leaders and people in a very safe environment that you can feel comfortable in."

Charlotte Forslin
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"Go on this course! It was worth every penny, even though it was heavy at times. But when I went home after a week, I was in love with myself. Good luck! When you meet you, I think you'll fall in love with yourself as I was."

David Griff
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"I would highly recommend all entrepreneurs to send, themselves and their staff on these courses. On both occasions when I have come home from Revitalized courses, I have broken sales records."

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