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Lena Birath – Group leader

Advanced courses in self knowledge and inner leadership

Lena Birath

Lena has played 58 internationals in the floorball team and won European and World Championship gold, world championship silver and world championship bronze. She has won three Swedish Championship silver medals, six Swedish Championship bronze medals and been selected in the world team in floorball. She has also played 11 internationals in the bandy national team. In 1985 she was named Women's Bandy Player of the Year in Sweden and in bandy she has won one Swedish Championship gold and two Swedish Championship silver medals.

Lena has worked as a teacher and principal at the sports high school and been a coach for men's and women's teams at the elite level in floorball. In 2011, she published her autobiography Livsresan. Today she works as a lecturer, process leader, coach and therapist in individual and group development towards companies, organizations and individuals.

Lena has been training as a psychotherapist for 4 years at the Psychosynthesis Academy in Stockholm. She wants to create conditions for people to dare to grow and find balance in meeting with themselves and others to contribute to increased self-awareness and efficiency.

"My hope is to be able to inspire and touch people with the help of my insights and experiences. To lead others, I must first be able to lead myself. I have a practice driving sign hanging around my neck…"